Gars, The punished

In his years of imprisonment, Gars used to provoke all kinds of coordinated riots. The King saw potencial, so they made a deal. The success of this expedition will make Gars a free man once again.

Arquides, The fire master's apprentice

His reasons for joining the crew are a mystery to everyone else. His ethics may be questionable, but Arquides seems to always be in the mood for setting an enemy on fire.

Deiales, The Crown's shield

A strong and faithful protector of The Crown. He would do anything for the king, even accepting going into such a dangerous expedition.


This strange little monsters are emerging from the ground and attacking our crew! They don't seem to be very smart, but their attack seems to be targetting our leader.

Ena'Kuta, The corrupted tree

Not much is known about what happened to this tree, but one thing is for sure: He does not want you to go deeper into this forest.

This isn't the story of a hero, nor the story of a kingdom. This is the story of a lonely tree, one that holds all of those stories and infinite others. Soon you will meet the Souls Tree, and it will meet You.

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